BuyMeACoffee Landing Page Teardown

BMC has one of the most unique landing page, enough unique to make one fall for it. Let's see why and how they do it.

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I've been using BuyMeACoffee for some time now and I love the way the product is built.

Also, the landing page feels more like a letter and less like a sales page, though tough to achieve but they did.

Let's see what we can learn from their unique landing page.

Suggestion: If possible try to open the respective landing page simultaneously which you can refer to while reading this newsletter.

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1. Header/Hero Section

BMC has one of the most unique hero section.

Generally, brands have a big header about them here but it's different here. BMC instead wrote something which looks like a letter.

Additionally, it's more compelling to read though it requires a bit of work.

Also, look at the image on the right, "a supporter is worth a 1000 followers" such a powerful line to grab attention.


The CTA on the header section is unique as well. It doesn't just say you to sign-up.

Instead, it lets you choose a username and onboard.

2. Post header

Next, you'll see a very nicely illustrated dashboard that tells you what to expect upon login.

It's a way to familiarize the user before they sign-up. There's also a video testimonial section that some users might wanna here before choosing them.


3. Body (about them)

The first block of the body starts with yet another strong headline, "Loved by 300,000+ creators".

Did you notice something? They used the word creator and not user which clearly speaks whom the service is for.


In the stories section, they made clear categorization of their user's success stories.

The categorization tells that BMC is useful for creators across every niche. Also, the stories highlight how BMC fixed their problems.

4. Body (about one-time donation)

The core offering of BMC is one-time donations and it needs to be told to the visitor.

In this section, you'll find an excellent example of good copywriting, "Give your audience an easy way to say thanks". It talks about a solution and not specification.


The illustration story continues here as well, they used them to let the visitor know how the one-time donation page looks.

5. Body (about membership)

See the headline, isn't it another great example of copywriting?

It explains that this feature is for the selected ones and they don't wanna settle for a one-time donation.

This headline also focuses on solution and where to use over just specification.


6. Body (about extras)

The above two features were common and known to their audience but this feature requires explanation.

The best way to do that was using actual use-cases. The BMC Crew made six descriptive samples and shared them as an image.

Great way to make images self-explanatory.


Pre-footer sections are generally used as a final conversion call, it's the same here as well.

Though the headline is very simple but then the important part is highlighted.

They also share the final benefits of choosing them over others.


BMC's landing page is full of uniqueness so I did expect an exciting footer too and I was right.

They beautifully share links to their important pages. My favourite one being the comparison page.

It's important because some people are confused and that helps, plus that's the page the user will see on Google when they search for BuyMeACoffee vs Patreon.



BMC is a unique business so is their landing page. Though it's tough to carry a similar ideology for all landing pages but there still things we can learn.

  1. Solutions over specification.
  2. Use self-explanatory images.
  3. Make your copy focus on the target audience and solution.
  4. Add customer review or success stories.
  5. Build comparison pages when competing in a crowded industry.

Hope you guys have loved this week's teardown and feel free to reply with your thought on the same. Also if you want to suggest a website for our next teardown then do let me know and I'll consider it.

Also, do you mind motivating me with a cup of coffee?

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Kejal Shah's photo

Love these landing pages teardown! thanks.

A friendly suggestion - neither in the email nor on the webpage do I find a quick link to the landing page you are evaluating. For eg I coudn't find a quick link to buymeacoffee. I'm still looking for it!

anyways, keep up the good work and I'll soon submit ours ;-)

Ankit Ghosh's photo

Thanks for the suggestion, will keep that in mind before sending my next issue.

Also will look forward to your submission.