EmailOctopus Landing Page Teardown

As a user of EmailOctopus I had to visit their landing page quite a time and started liking it, here's why I liked it.

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So this is my second issue of Landing Letter and I'm so thankful to EmaiOctopus for their generous free plan and I've decided to teardown their landing page today.

Let's move ahead with the most customer-focused landing page I've ever seen.

Suggestion: If possible try to open the respective landing page simultaneously which you can refer to while reading this newsletter.

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1. Navbar

I generally don't talk much about navbars but EmailOctopus's has a nice navbar which one must know about.


They have a simple navbar but which links to very important pages. The first link is all about why you should choose EmailOctopus over others.

Apart from that, they have links to content pages that capture the visitors and moves them into their content mesh.

2. Hero Section

The hero section has a jargon-free headline which does its job of conveying the message properly.

Their CTA is also creative, they could have used just "sign-up" but they used "Start for free today", the free word removes the risk factor from the visitor's mind.


The mid-fold has a row of screenshots of emails of their top customers, this helps the user get to know their creditability and build trust.

3. Body (about editor)

Their body sections are all about features and how those features help their customers.

It begins with the block taking about their DIY email template builder and that's shown with help of an actual template used by one of their customers.

Body 1-min.png

Using actual images rather than illustration help them establish a better connection with the visitor.

They also link to the case study which is a step ahead in trying to retain visitor within the website ecosystem.

4. Body (about segmentation)

The second body section is about their segmentation feature. Again they are using an actual image of output to explain the working.

Body 2-min.png

The CTA here again is non-generic "Explore segmentation", it better than "Learn more" as it clearly describe what to expect.

Last but not the least, another customer review on how the feature helps them in their business.

Real reviews are always more effective than artificial explainer paragraphs.

5. Body (about integration)

Integrations are very important for digital businesses these days and the best way to show that they support is by showing logos of the most popular integrations.

This in a second gives the message that EmailOctopus can easily integrate with these providers.

Body 3-min.png

They have again cleverly used customer review here to explain benefits, it's very prominent that they are using customer's logo and review everywhere.

6. Body (about automation)

I won't repeat anything but have a look at the below image and you'll understand the similarities.

Body 4-min.png

7. Body (final section)

Now in the final body section, you'll find a special note from the CSM of EmailOctopus which says that their goal is to enable great results for your email campaigns.

The real face here helps them to establish a personal connection with the reader.

Body 5-min.png

The pre-footer is a final conversion try where they try the get the people to convert who have scrolled this far.

One this they missed was using a non-generic CTA, they could have reused "Start for free today" or "Send your first campaign".


EmailOctopus has a basic vanilla footer whose role is to act as a navigation section for people who have scrolled so far and still searching for more information.

Nothing fancy but gets the job done.



The landing page of EmailOctopus is the first its type(at least for me), I've never seen a brand focusing this much on their customers and building the whole landing page around its users.

I do think it's a great move as it portraits how customer-centric they are.

Here are a few tips which you too can implement.

  1. Write a bold and clear headline.
  2. Use customer review & feedbacks to portray the use and importance of a particular feature.
  3. Actual/real images speak louder than illustrations.
  4. If you don't have a proper navbar the use footer for that.

Hope you guys have loved this week's teardown and feel free to reply with your thought on the same. Also if you want to suggest a website for our next teardown then do let me know and I'll consider it.

Also, do you mind motivating me with a cup of coffee?

Keep Building,

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